This is the fir…

This is the first day of my life, isn’t it?

It is also my first Blog and I am a bit confused by it all. so I am just jumping in.

I returned to Portugal a few days ago, from N. Wales to Portsmouth to Santander, through Spain to Portugal. Quite a journey by car. The crossing was calm for the Bay of Biscay and relatively uneventful, apart from one moment; two dolphins, surfing the waters, quickly approached the fast moving ferry and I was struck by how beautiful they were. My feelings surprised me. I had only seen this sort of thing on the TV. It did help that the sparkling waters reflected a lovely blue sky. How sad that we are still polluting the seas. These animals could be gone before we know it.

Yes I can get a bit heavy at times but, hopefully not too boring (?) and I’ve got to plug my website so here goes; 

But I must remove negative thoughts. Yes, my reading recently has been a bit heavy too.

More tomorrow, and for those that do look at my website I hope you like it. All-be-it a bit unprofessional. My son was certainly not impressed. I coded it myself!


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